Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fifth Avenue Floral

OK, you all know my stampin' mojo went south on me and sometimes it seemed it would never be back! Russell started Tae Kwon Do (did I spell that correctly?) this week, which brought back memories of when both kids did karate. I think I stamped most of the time they did karate, I always had a project with me (and no doubt bored all around me as I stamped and chatted away!). Piano lessons. Gymnastics. Everywhere. So this week, I packed a box of supplies, a stamp set that has gotten very little love from me, and off we went. I needed 3 birthday cards for Byron's mom, sister, and sister-in-law (yep, within 2 days of each other). Watercolor crayons are great for this kind of on-the-go coloring. I'm hooked again! Since I made these on Thursday, I have also done birthday cards, thinking of you cards, and a (if I do say so myself) adorable baby card. Stay tuned, I will post them soon!

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