Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love Halloween pencils (and erasers, and decorations.....) Every year I make pencil toppers using Batty for You, circle punches, and the Scallop Circle punch. After noticing one the kids in Russell's class last year had used a stapler to put his back together again, I experimented on how best to keep the topper on the pencil: dimensionals (NO), glue pen (NO), sticky strip (NO), double-sided tape (NO), hot glue gun (NO). The inevitable champ? a slit in the bottom circle scallop to thread the pencil through, and CRYSTAL EFFECTS! I laughed to myself-- yet another use for CE! Did I tell you I had to order a separate bottle for Byron to keep in the garage? He stole-- sorry, USED-- mine one too many times! I'll take these in on Thursday morning for Russell's class.

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