Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Say Thank You to your Bus Driver!

Wednesday is National Bus Driver Appreciation Day! I was called at the last minute to sub today (yea!! and it was a great day, the kids were really good and sometimes too funny) so with that, homework, and drum lessons, I did not have a lot of time to play. I quickly threw dinner on the table and ran to Target for some chocolate. I love wrapping chocolate bars as a small treat-- it is very easy to do and looks super when you tie a bow of wide ribbon on it. The tag I made with my Big Shot and some off-center nesties, and by now, everyone recognizes my "thank you' Sizzlit! Viola! The sheath is slipped off and you can even reuse it (just buy a new chocolate bar and change the tag). Russell will give it to Miss Vickie tomorrow.

If you haven't had time to whip up anything for your bus driver, take heart-- this entire week is Bus Driver Appreciation Week, you still have time!


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