Thursday, September 10, 2009


I love getting cards! The top one arrived courtesy of Angie, a friend and inspired stamper who moved to Louisiana. She's bright and bubbly and has a knack for cheering people-- I miss seeing her and getting together to stamp! I loved this card when I saw it on her blog and am thrilled she sent it to me. Thanks, Angie!

I'm cheating-- this one is really not for me! Petra came over for a bit to work on birthday invites for her son Erik's party, and hand-delivered Russell's invite. Russell agreed to let me have this just long enough to photograph it and post it. Petra's inspiration came from our favorite stamping site, originally designed by craftcrazy98 (just search by "lego" and you will find it). I'm going to make Erik a Lego-themed gift card holder (yes, I wimped out on choosing a gift-- I love gift cards!!).

I'm itching to hide in the basement and make cards, but instead I am cataloging all my stamp sets and making an index for them. I recently asked my friend Heidi if by chance she had a BBQ stamp. She consulted an index in a binder, and within a minute handed me her stamp set. Wow, that was impressive! She dropped by Wednesday for a visit and shared her system with me. I pared down my sets last month, and when I finish indexing them, will know exactly what I have AND WHERE-- always assuming, of course, that I put everything back where it is supposed to go!!

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  1. Julia thanks for including me on your blog. I am honored. I miss everyone. I really miss your inspirational stamp camps.