Saturday, November 28, 2009

Glass Blocks

I'm still having issues with the photo editing package (sigh) but Byron says he'll have some time later tonight to help. I think I had better write down the instructions this time! So I surfed through my files and found this Glass Block photo (hmmm...I still have some of these downstairs......hmmmmm). This one does not have microbeads attached, as requested by the person for whom I did it. The one below does. I love microbeads, they diffuse the light and make the block sparkly.

Mary's casserole

Every holiday I make Mary's casserole with the leftover turkey (it is equally delicious with shredded chicken). Mary made this for us when Molly was born-- I think Byron and I ate the whole pan in 2 days! It was that yummy. If you need something new to try with your Turkey day leftovers, I highly recommend this.

1 box Stove Top Cornbread stuffing
5 tbsp melted butter
8 oz sour cream (light or fat free is fine)
1 can Cram of Chicken soup (I use 98% fat free)
1.5 cups chicken broth
4-5 shredded chicken breasts or same amount of leftover turkey

Mix the stuffing and the butter. Spray 13 X 9 pan with cooking spray and put 1/3 of the stuffing in pan. Top with shredded meat ( I just shredded turkey by hand until I had a nice thick layer, I didn't measure). Mix the sour cream and soup together, spread on top of meat. Sprinkle remaining stuffing mix on top and drizzle the chicken broth over all. Bake uncovered 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes or until bubbly. Delish!

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