Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nothing ventured, nothing gained*

I DO have some photos to post but I am having computer issues!! It is beginning to sound like those Windows/Mac ads around here, and I hope it will be resolved in time to show you some cute turkey and pumpkin Thank You cards Russell's class made yesterday.

The week became unexpectedly busy and not much else got done! A little background here-- long before I got my library degree, I fell in love with French and pursued it as far as a Masters (and 2 years in France!). Taught briefly at a private high school and a junior college, and had to admit to my mother that yes, I should have listened to her about becoming a teacher. Much more recently, I've had to do it again, as I started substitute- teaching for the kids' schools last year and truly enjoyed the whole experience.

I had called the high school up the road on Monday because I noticed there was an opening for a French teacher. I left my name and number with a note that I could sub long-term in French if they had trouble filling the position. The person I spoke to was not encouraging at all (they were already interviewing candidates) and I thought, "Eh bien, qui ne risque rien, n'a rien*." Much to my surprise, Monday afternoon they called and asked me to interview! The madness began. I had earphones on most of the next day, listening to Byron's old French tapes, as well as a quick dash to Potomac Mills for something to interview in. As nervous as I was, I had fun at the interview, too, because I spent 2 blocks in the classroom interacting with the kids. When I was in high school I could barely answer a rote question in French. Not these kids! Class was in French, some even managed their questions about the assignment in French, and they obviously felt comfortable with it and their teacher. The teacher who is leaving (hubby got a new job) has really set the bar high. I left yes, wanting them to call and offer the position, but trying to be realistic about my chances. Luckily, there was a lot to distract me: Russell's parent-teacher conference, Molly's guitar lesson, TNT meeting Thurs, Russell got an award at school, touched base with Petra right after, ran to commissary, and Thursday night not only got Molly ready for the big Ocean City retreat but prepped supplies for Russell's class to make cards and made goodie bags for Molly's leaders. Had to get all that done because Friday I ran around looking for a purse for Molly before volunteering in Russell's class at 11 and actually subbing in 5th grade that afternoon!

My cell phone was in my pocket but I had no reception, even on the playground. I could see that a Stafford County Schools number had called, but couldn't access the message. It was not until 4:05 that afternoon that I listened to the message offering me the position! Yipppeee!!!

This will be quite a change for the family (no Mom at their beck and call) but I think it will be crazy but good. I am so excited!!

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  1. Congratulations on the job!!! A Happy Thanksgiving, indeed. The kids really enjoyed making cards and it was so important that they each take the time to thank someone in their lives. Thank You!